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From 2016 to 2018 I made a drawing everyday. I made them to see what would happen. I tried to draw automatically, without plans, without rules. I wanted to see what the language of my energy was. What marks would come from just relieving myself through movement. Very quickly the process turned into a way to track my mental health. I began to notice what the drawings looked like when I was depressed, anxious, etc. I could see the different types of marks in all of the different climates of my mind. Content, lack of content, fast marks, slow marks, ability to create a composition, caring if it looks good, not caring if it looks good. Almost always text, even if just a word. By having a visual daily log, and dates, I eventually realized that this was a cycle, that my mental patterns were that- a pattern, and that it was correlated to my menstrual cycle. This, and other things I learned by making these, definitely saved my life.